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Even the use of the term 'diversity training' causes some organizations and individuals a tremendous amount of concern and consternation.  Many of these classes were originally built around the 'blame and shame' approach meant to create an environment that focused on telling people what they should think and/or feel.

In reality it is not an employers business to tell an employee what they should think or feel.  The key focus area has to be how people in the workplace behave.  The emphasis has to be on what behaviors are appropriate, acceptable and expected in order to build a workplace culture of respect and inclusion.  This helps create 'equitable workplaces' that value and respect the input of ALL employees, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, title, position and/or organizational role.

The composition of the workforce is changing in ways that include every facet of difference including age, race, gender, education, thinking styles and more.  As organizations become more diverse; they also are working to become more inclusive.   Many are looking for resources to help them understand the changing workforce and its impact on the organizational climate.

With the ongoing changes in the workplace, it is increasingly more important to understand these changes.  Change is impacting the way we treat each other (respect), the way we manage (cultural competence) and the way we structure or human capital systems and processes (recruiting, professional development and career growth).  

EQUITABLE WORKPLACE.  (Foundational - Diversity Training)

These courses are a replacement for what would traditionally be called ‘diversity’ classes.  The are all about creating equitable, respectful places to work.  The emphasis is on behaviors and respectful treatment.

WE-01: Building a Common Language for Respect
WE-02: Dimensions of Difference & Derailing Behaviors
WE-03: Emerging Trends
WE-04: The Fiscal Impact of Workplace Equity

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Respect  -  Inclusion  -  Workplace Equity

Is diversity management seen primarily as 'the right thing to do' in your organization?  Is there a desire to become more strategic and link your efforts to revenue growth (top line), SG&A cost reductions (bottom line) and recruiting, retention and talent management (pipe line)?

Workplaces are becoming increasingly more diverse.  The changes include increasing gender changes, generational changes, multicultural employees, multiple languages being spoken in the workplace and more.  These courses provide the foundation for creating equitable workplaces built on respect and dignity.

Building equitable workplaces, organizational cultures and business practices takes a concentrated effort.  

We provide workplace equity training, research and consulting to help organizations acquire the skills, knowledge and competencies needed to effectively manage and leverage the ever changing workplaces and workforces of today. 


Services include workshops, training, certifications and research that improve the level of cultural competency and help create equitable workplaces.

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