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This explains the approach, the context and the proposed solutions.

Bullying Is Not Just Childs Play! Most people hear the word bullying and immediately associate it with school yards, children, peer pressure and unfortunately in recent years the word 'bullycide' also comes to mind. The fact is workplace's today have as much of a problem with 'bullies' as do elementary, middle and high schools.

The difference is the schools acknowledge the problem and proactively address it. Many workplaces are 'cultures' that allow the bully to continue their actions with complete disregard for the impact.  With so much bullying occurring, organizations are rightfully concerned about the impact on their organizational effectiveness.  Many organizations assume they are immune from bullying because they have a zero-tolerance policy intended to create/maintain a threat-free environment. Yet studies show these behaviors are widespread.  

Bullying occurs in many ways, some so blatant that everyone immediately knows it's occurring, an example is 'the screamer'.  This type of boss has that confrontational in your face demeanor and has NO problem using volume as a way to convey their thoughts.  Some bullying is subtle, below the radar, away from the eyes and ears of coworkers yet the impact is as devastating as the screamer.


Half Hour Special On Workplace Bullying


37% of people have been bullied at work. 

72% of workplace bullies are bosses.  

62% of employees ignore the problem! 

40% of the targets never tell anyone. 


Workplace Bullying

KEYNOTES - WORKSHOPS - TRAINING Craig has become a leading voice on stopping bullying in the workplace. He has done a half hour special on PBS on the topics and spoken, consulted, and trained many organizations on this topic.

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