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Workplaces are becoming increasing more diverse; with people from multiple generations, cultures, regions of the world and different perspectives and outlooks.  

These differences are important for organizational success and different approaches and input.  They also can lead to behaviors that are intended to be appropriate yet are perceived as being disrespectful.  

Creating a baseline of understanding and behavioral guidelines is a requirement to eliminate the inappropriate ways people may act or speak with coworkers, managers and/or employees.  

Symptoms Of WorkplaceDisrespect

The Impact of Workplace Disrespect. Listed Below Are Signs There Could Be a Problem of Disrespect in YOUR Workplace: 

Increased HR Claims


Complaints About Bad Bosses 

Coworkers Not Getting Along 

Increased Union Grievances 

The Numbers of Lawsuits Increase 

Higher # of Employees Quitting


Higher Than Usual Absenteeism 

Increased Number of Sick Days 


Higher # Workman's Comp. Claims


​Creating an organizational culture where people are treated with dignity and respect should be a minimum of what people can expect when they come to work everyday.  

Unfortunately, for many employees that goal is a dream that they have yet to encounter at their place of business.


Developing an accountable culture of respect can be accomplished with a focused effort, customized programs and targeted policies that clearly define behavioral expectations. 

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