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Check availability for your event as an unconscious bias speaker & consultant, diversity keynote speaker, or diversity inclusion consultant!

About Me

Keynote Speaker - Author


Focused on making a difference.  Helping create respectful inclusive workplace cultures.  Challenging individuals to find their voice, speak their truth, move beyond simply tolerating to appreciate and respect the value of different perspectives and outlooks.  

My book is scheduled to be released soon.   Book excerpt available.  He has performed as an Unconscious Bias Speaker, Diversity Keynote Speaker and Diversity Inclusion Consultant.

Keynote Speaker


A sought after unconscious bias speaker and diversity keynote speaker for conferences, corporate retreats, associations.  Craig has twenty years experience as a diversity inclusion consultant has spoken at dozens of SHRM Chapters and National Management Association events.

His motivational; presentations have consistently been rated as outstanding.  Topics can be customized to fit the theme of your event.

Workshops and Training


As a diversity inclusion consultant, diversity keynote speaker, unconscious bias speaker and facilitator; Craig can deliver professional development for individual contributors or the Executive suite.  He has the ability to connect with the use of personal stories and examples.

His ratings in these sessions has consistently been outstanding.  He has a style of connecting that allows everyone to feel as though he is speaking directly to them.

Professional Development

Workplace Bullying


Bullying in the Workplace has become the 'New Sexual Harassment' on the job!  

Everyone sees it, knows it is happening yet stay quiet and do nothing about it!  It must be addressed.  As a locally recognized diversity inclusion consultant.

The impact is at epidemic levels and employees and managers MUST act to stop it.  

Bullies exist in every every country.  

This MUST stop NOW!  The impact is substantial.  It effects the toppling, bottom line as well as the pipeline!

Unconscious Bias (Blindspots)


Everyone has blindspots.  

These areas of risk and exposure provide opportunities for disrespectful behaviors, inappropriate comments, and disparaging remarks to become common place.

Unconscious biases manifest in schools, workplaces, social settings and more.  The first step to eliminate these biases is to recognize them!

Craig also has content to help individuals reduce bias!  Eliminating the tendency to say and do things that impact productivity.

Workplace Equity


Is diversity management seen primarily as 'the right thing to do' in your organization?  

Is there a desire to become more strategic and link your efforts to revenue growth (top line), SG&A cost reductions (bottom line) and recruiting, retention and talent management (pipe line)? 

Craig has over 20 years experience as an Unconscious Bias Speaker, Diversity Keynote Speaker, and Diversity Inclusion Consultant.

Workplaces are becoming increasingly more diverse.  The changes include gender, generational, and multicultural employees.

These courses provide the foundation for creating equitable workplaces built on respect and dignity.